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Unique whole body experience. – You choose your experience! Thermal Exercise and Weight Management – Stress and Anxiety Relief – Massage and
Relaxation – Full Body Makeover!

The Cocoon will help you achieve your wellness goal — and you can perform active thermal exercise (ATE) with the FitBed’s resistance bands for accelerated fitness, weight management, toning or firming, increased flexibility & energy.

Infrared light can penetrate through your skin and immediately warm your body’s deeper tissues. This heating method can provide several significant benefits for anyone suffering from anxiety and depression.

Perfect relaxation experience for renewing calm, rejuvenating meditation and other “mindfulness” benefits. With soothing massage vibration, aromatherapy and peaceful calm.

Enjoy a relaxing massage, while breathing Himalayan salt oxygen-enriched air, as your stress melts away. Thermo relaxation with soothing vibration massage provides the ideal personal environment to promote profound relaxation and relief from the stress and busy-ness of the modern day grind

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