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The Cocoon Fitness POD™ is the first wellness pod system in the world to integrate virtual wellness imagery with physical wellness modalities. The Cocoon eScapes™ entertainment images enables users to be in the moment and guide the mind and body to promote overall well-being. Interactive guided imagery complements a variety of holistic wellness programs with specific exercises, and mood enhancing images.

eScapes Interactive Guided Imagery Wellness: The smart wellness software includes a series of motivational images and messages conducive to body and mind wellness applications. The user can select from eScapes™ imagery for entertainment, information and visual enhancement of their wellness goals. 

Wellness Applications: Stress management, better sleep, weight management, fitness programs, body & mind well-being
and enhanced peak athletic performance.



  1. Dynamic Dual Dry Heat
  2. Infrared Radiant Heat
  3. Vibration Massage
  4. Ergonomic Contour Bed
  5. Cooling Face Air System
  6. Aroma Therapy
  7. Himalayan Pure Ionic Salt
  8. Red & Blue Chamber Chromo-Lights
  9. Fit-Bed™ Exercise System
  10. 3 Pre-Set Programs
    1. Low – relax, light massage & power nap
    2. Medium – recover, heated massage & wellness
    3. High – holistic sweat, manage weight & better sleep
  11. eScapes™ Interactive Guided Imagery Sets
    1. Fitness Courses
    2. Positive Inspiration
    3. Relaxation Images
    4. Weight Management
  12. Enriched Air (optional O2)

Cocoon sessions help create the perfect relaxation experience for optimum wellness renewal, rejuvenating meditation and other refreshing mindfulness benefits. The Cocoon Fitness POD™ can help you feel and enjoy the vital connection between mind and body for improved mental focus and acuity. With soothing massage vibration, aromatherapy and peaceful calm, the Cocoon transforms every session into your own ultimate renewal wellness sanctuary. The built-in exercise system is designed for enjoyable fitness improvements and a healthy fun lifestyle.

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