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Cocoon Fitness pod

What Is the Cocoon Fitness POD?

The Cocoon Fitness Pro combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience. 

A session in the Cocoon Fitness Pod has countless benefits, from weight loss and pain relief, to stress reduction and relaxation. Many of the benefits come from the infrared lighting, which deliver a dry heat treatment that feels like a dry sauna. Infrared heat has been proven to assist in weight loss. The Cocoon Fitness Pod also delivers a full-body vibration massage. You are able to target areas of the body to be massaged, as well as adjust the intensity, creating an experience that is uniquely yours. In addition to the infrared heat and vibration massage, the Cocoon Fitness Pod has the unique option to add aromatherapy to your experience. Aromatic and therapeutic essential oils are diffused throughout the pod during your session.

Session Types


Founder's Club membership

Founding Members Get Unlimited Cocoon Pod Sessions


  1. Unlimited Cocoon Pod Sessions.
  2. Monthly Membership Fee Locked in for Life. 
  3. Priority Booking (book two sessions in advance) 
  4. 10% Discounts on Consumables.

Cocoon Fitness Pod Brochure

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