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Anxiety Stress Relief

Wellness Pod Helps Reduce Anxiety and Depression, Improves Mood!

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How Do Infrared PODs Help?
Infrared PODs utilize infrared radiation, which is invisible to the human eye but still tangible in the heat it produces. This warms your body much more efficiently than traditional PODs. Infrared light can penetrate through your skin and immediately warm your body’s deeper tissues. This heating method can provide several significant benefits for anyone suffering from anxiety and depression.

The Anxiety Benefits of Saunas
Infrared PODs warm up your body and induce a number of regenerative and relaxing effects. Let’s take a closer look at how these processes can provide benefits if you feel anxious or depressed frequently:

Endorphin Boosts
There’s some evidence to suggest that heat therapy, like the kind you experience in an infrared POD session, can effectively increase your body’s endorphin production. Specifically, it increases the release of beta-endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are important molecules that are responsible for feelings of well-being and relief. We usually get them from exercise and other good-feeling activities. An infrared POD session might help you benefit from extra endorphins even if you maintain otherwise healthy activities. Buy now and book your first wellness POD session Click Here!

Less Stress and Less Anxiety
Studies have shown that infrared POD sessions can induce significant reductions in stress and anxiety after just a single experience. This is likely due to the way infrared saunas warm and relax your muscles, dilating your blood vessels and boosting blood flow to the skin and muscle tissue. All of this can help to physically relax your body, helping your mind into a more relaxed state at the same time. This benefit is also enjoyed by those who attend traditional sauna sessions. But infrared sauna therapy is much more targeted, efficient, and may provide these benefits more quickly since it takes longer for the heat to affect your body.

Mood Enhancements
If you feel like your mood is constantly out of balance, infrared POD therapy could provide serious benefits. One study found that whole-body heating, exactly like the kind experienced during an infrared POD session, can help to balance your mood and prevent mood swing cycles. This may be because infrared POD therapy increases blood flow throughout the body. This, in turn, boosts oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain, helping you to feel more clear-headed and relaxed. It may also improve your mood in the short term, which may be due to the aforementioned physical benefits. A more comfortable body is likely to make you feel better all around, after all. For more info on how to book your first wellness POD session click here!

Meditative Regeneration
You can’t forget the raw mental benefits you might experience from an infrared POD session, either. Many people experience a relaxing, meditative sensation once they are immersed in the whole-body heat provided by infrared PODs. By inducing a state of light meditation, your mind can rejuvenate itself, facing the rest of the day’s challenges with more vigor and optimism. This effect can be combined with other meditative practices for extra benefits.

Who Should Use Infrared PODs for Anxiety and Depression?
Ultimately, infrared POD therapy can be a beneficial practice for a wide variety of people. Folks who suffer from limited anxiety and depression might see significant benefits if they enjoy an infrared sauna session a couple times a week. It’s also important to note, however, that infrared sauna therapy isn’t a true replacement for medication and professional therapy, both of which are used to deal with more serious cases of anxiety and depression.
When used correctly, and in cases where anxious or depressive symptoms are relatively mild, infrared POD therapy can be one of the best treatments, alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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Massage is Health is very clean and the client service is 5 🌟 EXCELLENT! The POD is new, clean and all the little extras provided will make you feel extra special! I drive almost an hour for each session, Yes! Totally worth it! I gifted a monthly membership to both my daughters, they love it too! Patience and Melissa are nice and efficient. I highly recommend for self-care and good health 😊


I was very impressed with the cleanliness and professional atmosphere. Great location, beautiful, clean and welcoming decor, and the staff was both friendly and professional. Looking forward to my next two sessions. Recommend the pod experience!


Melissa and Celia were extremely professional, warm and welcoming. I tired the weight loss pod and was down 2 pounds 12 hours later as well as 48 hours afterwards. Apparently I burned over 300 calories while detoxing and enjoying the pod various massage options, motivational quotes and even beach pictures!!!! I’ll be returning and am looking forward to my next visit.


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