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712 Graham Road Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44221
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Breaking news

We have worked out a deal with a local company which will be taking over our space and bringing their business name with them.
We are extremely excited! Details will be released very soon. 

Help me spread the word!

In return I will give you UNLIMITED access to

my Health Wellness and Fitness Pod for 30 Days!

Total Body Fitness Wellness and Relaxation!

This is new cutting edge technology and to be honest, very few people know or have experienced the amazing results first hand. 

So I need your help spreading the word!

This is where the Win Win part comes in. 

All I am asking for is your honest review! 

In return I will give you unlimited POD sessions for 30 days. 

It’s that simple!

You do not need to be a social media marketer or influencer to help. 

You only have to be willing to give me your honest review in a video format. We can record a quick video after your first free session. 

If you are a local influencer lets have a conversation, about how we can make this even more beneficial for us both. 

Call me now. 330.322.6357

More information about the Pod can be found below in the videos.

This is a limited time offer and subject to change at anytime. 

Thank you for your time. 

Melissa 🙂

Cocoon Health Wellness & Fitness

Cocoon Health Wellness and Fitness Pod

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